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Decathlon Kids Bikes

Decathlon is a sporting retail brand from France with many kids bikes on sale all around Singapore. There are plentiful of kids bikes of various models and designs, along with their accessories which you can select from. The kids bikes are specially engineered and designed for various ages, starting from the age of 2 to as old as 12.

Let us take a peek into the various kids bikes offered by Decathlon:

First up is the 500 14-inch Unicorn bike. It is said to be the perfect fit for a kid's first bike in Singapore. Equipped with a pair of training wheels, known as the stabilisers, this Unicorn bike is the hallmark of Decathlon in the category of kid's beginner bike. It is specifically made for every kid learning how to ride a bike. The stabilisers will guide the kids as they learn how to pedal and handle the bikes gradually as they undergo their childhood mental and physical development stage.

With a height range of between 90 and 105 cm, the 14-inch Unicorn bike is suitable for kids in the age range of 3 to 5. Besides the stabilisers, the bike is also equipped with a mudguard, a bike safety bell and a pair of mandatory hand brakes that are crafted to fit children's hands. This Decathlon's bike also has a chain guard, with an altogether purpose of providing complete safety to the kids while riding bikes. In addition, the stabilisers come with a tool free removal feature that enables easy detachability. Once the kid is ready and confident to ride on only 2 large wheels, the stabilisers can be removed easily from the bike without using any spanner. 

The other kids bike which sells well in Decathlon is the 500 16-inch Robot bike. It has features with some similarities with the Unicorn bike as the age range suitability is from 4 to 6 years of age. The main difference is that the Robot bike is unisex for both boys and girls and it does not come with stabiliser wheels at the sides. The features are the mudguard, knobby tyres, stand and bell. Like other bikes, it comes with a hand brake and a full chain guard to keep kids safe during bike rides.

Gradually, as the kids grow older, they can take on the HYC 100 Original 6 - 8 White bike. This bike is another of Decathlon's best selling kids bikes. It is a hybrid bike that is made suitable for kids between the ages of 6 to 8 years of age. The height of the bike seat is between 120 and 135 cm high. Designed perfectly for kids of this age range, the HYC 100 hybrid bike is good for kids who want to learn how to ride bikes without the stabiliser wheels. It is 20 inches long and is very easy to ride on surfaces.

Decathlon's customers have given the retail store good reviews of the kids bikes so far, with many mentioning that their kids have enjoyed the kids bikes very much. With popular kids bikes at stores, Decathlon is a good place to buy kids bikes. Read more about kids bikes -

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