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Bicycles For Primary School Kids In Singapore

In Singapore, riding bicycle can be a great outdoor sport for primary school kids between the ages of 8 and 12. Many primary school kids like to have fun riding bicycles in between breaks during exam study preparation or during the term school holidays. If you are a parent and is unsure of what bicycles to choose from, do check out kids bicycle shop to make your decisions.

But let us talk about the types of bicycles and their accessories suitable for kids between the age range of 7 and 12. It is important for you to know if you plan to get them to ride to and from school or for outdoor leisure. Different bikes are designed accordingly. Many kids at this age range need bikes that with adjustable seats so that seats can match their height well. It is important that the bicycles must ensure that the hands can be slightly bent to reach out for the handlebars, with the handbrakes as the most important feature of all. The legs must be able to reach out to the foot pedals so that it is just nice for the primary school students to ride comfortably.

A common type of bicycle which most primary school bike lovers enjoy is the Mountain Bike. The Mountain Bike is made for trekking on hilly terrains. The tyres that are used are wider with knobby threads so as to allow for rougher trail during the ride. Common features of the Mountain Bike are grip shifts, suspension system and bar ends. When first used, moving to single track from sidewalk can be a little inconvenient but the traction and stability improves with more practices.

Another common bicycle type is the BMX Bike. They are mainly made for dirt tracks with cool looking designs. The lighter weight of the BMX Bike is better choice for primary school children.

It is important that when getting bicycles for your primary school children, you must ensure safety at all times. Firstly, the safety handbrake must be within reach at the handlebar so that braking can be done to react to any imminent or sudden danger.

Many do come with panniers or bag holders so that they can place their schoolbags and ride comfortably.

To get accessories for them, do check out bike accessories Singapore to view and select. They have cable lock pick, water bottles, baskets and even mud guards in case of cycling on dirty muddy terrains that often result during rainy weather. Do watch out for the price affordability of the bicycles so that you do not pay so much for something that is not so worth.

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